Talent Roster

Talent Roster

Addison LaBonte

Addison is a gluten-free food blogger, food photographer and founder of Organically Addison. Addison has always loved to cook and has been lucky enough to turn her passion for gluten free baking and cooking into her blog.

Addison’s blog reaches over 500,000 people monthly, and she has a social following of nearly 300,000 across multiple platforms.

Alanna Gallo

Alanna is the founder of Play. Learn. Thrive.™, a mom of four, former teacher, writer, educational consultant, content creator, public speaker, lover of worldschooling, and a believer that a child-led approach to learning and parenting can change the trajectory of kids’ lives.

Alanna’s blog, playlearnthrive.com reaches over 30.000 people every month and she has a strong following on social media of over 55,000 wanting her parenting tips and tricks to implement into their lives.

Grace Elkus

Grace is your go-to source for easy, high-protein vegetarian recipes. She is a trusted voice in the food space thanks to her 10+ years of experience in food media.

Grace has a loyal social following that took off with her invention of the crispy feta egg. She reaches over 270,000 people with her recipes and kitchen tips.

Katey Yurko

Katey is a girl’s girl/ultimate hype woman and a leader in the art of beauty and pampering. She can speak with confidence and conviction on skincare, skin health, autoimmune conditions, allergen friendly foods, UTIs, thyroid and liver health and bioavailable supplements.

Katey has a loyal audience through her blog and her socials which reach well over 200,000 people eager for her insights.