Kaila Duran

With more than a decade of experience in the dynamic realm of marketing communications, I have expertise in influencer marketing, talent management, marketing strategy, public relations, event planning, and corporate communications. My professional journey has spanned in-house collaborations with renowned brands, impactful roles at advertising agencies, and direct engagements with influencers, where I’ve steered business operations and acted as a trusted talent and brand manager.

K. Duran Comms was founded in 2020 to pursue my dream of entrepreneurship, and to help as many content creators enhance their businesses as I possibly can. My business model caters to entrepreneurs building online and digital businesses. I’m here to support your overarching strategies operationally or take your business to the next level with talent management support.

Over the span of my 10 year career, I’ve worked with 100s of household brands. Behr Paint, Zevia, Shark Ninja, Kohler, Nespresso, Lundberg, Jack Link’s, and countless other big names. Many of my brand partners come back time and time again to partner with my clients annually! 

My Clients Feel Supported and Value and Appreciate the Knowledge I Bring to Their Businesses

I’ve worked with Kaila for three plus years, first starting as an in-house talent manager responsible for negotiating contracts with brands and overseeing the execution of sponsored content on the website and social media, and then moving into a leadership role in operations where she managed content development, email marketing, public relations, social media and day-to-day project management of running a food media site. Kaila takes initiative, takes pride in her work and takes on projects with independence and confidence, which is so valuable for small business owners that are often resource-limited. I’ve gotten to know Kaila so well over the years and she’s proven to have creative problem solving skills, a strong team-player attitude and a sense of resourcefulness that makes her an integral part of any team.

Yumna Jawad, Feel Good Foodie

When I first reached out to Kaila, I was completely overwhelmed by the world of content creation. But by the end of our time together, I left with both an arsenal of essential documents (a comprehensive rate sheet; an updated media kit) as well as the confidence that I can pursue this as a full-time career. I’ve already started reaching out to my list of dream brands, and I know Kaila will be cheering me on every step of the way. I can’t recommend her enough!  

Grace Elkus

Freelance Services

Talent and Brand Management

➤ Contract reviews and management
➤ Negotiations and rate upkeep
➤ Partnership and content management
➤ Invoicing and invoice management
➤ Media kit updates
➤ New business pitching
➤ Reporting and analysis

Operations and Business Management for Creators

➤ Systems organization
➤ Brand vision and goal setting
➤ Public relations strategy
➤ Editorial and content planning
➤ Email marketing strategy
➤ Affiliate marketing
➤ Reporting and analysis

Brand and Agency
Freelance Consulting

➤ Influencer campaign strategies
➤ Defining your campaign goals
➤ Diversifying influencer approach
➤ Campaign execution
➤ Building loyal followers
➤ Reporting and analysis

More Recommendations

“Working with Kaila has really enhanced my business. She helped me look at everything with a clear vision and I now have achievable goals in sight! I finally have better project management systems in place and feel like I’m positioned better than ever to continue landing brand deals. I feel so confident about driving my business forward and owe a lot of that to Kaila!”

Alanna G.

“Kaila is extremely dedicated, hard working and talented when it comes to influencer, marketing and PR strategy, brand partnerships and content creation. I’ve loved working with her at two different organizations. She is results oriented and very creative with ways to achieve goals for her clients. She always goes above and beyond. Most of all, she is a joy to work with – kind, knowledgeable and smart. Any brand or influencer would be lucky to have her on their team.”

Kristin S.

“Kaila has a keen talent when it comes to influencer strategy. She pushes the envelope in order to create results for her clients and is always finding ways to expand her knowledge of the industry to benefit those around her.”

Rachel G.

​”Kaila is wicked smart, funny and dedicated to her work, always thinking and striving to take things up a notch and do what’s best for her clients. She’s a great communicator and a considerate and hard working team member. Anyone would be lucky to have her on, or lead, their team.”

Jo W.

About Me ​

I am Kaila, an influencer marketing strategist and talent manager with over a decade of experience.

I founded K. Duran Comms because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of content creators and agencies wanting to make effective influencer marketing strategies.

I’m a former ad agency gal with a decade of experience in food/beverage, but also parenting, lifestyle, travel and home and decor.

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